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Learn to sail courses
Learn to sail courses
Learn to sail courses
Learn to sail courses
Learn to sail courses
Learn to sail courses

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To increase your awareness on all aspects of sailing, we recommend that you take these courses to prepare you to a better sailing experience. If you want to learn to sail, be prepare with our online full series offer. Best suited for all levels, this series provides a progressive learning with 6 courses, including sailing principles, first sailing experience, understanding the points of sail, fundamental trimming techniques, spinnaker essentials and crew roles when racing.


This is the content of the full series of courses, which will allow you to learn to sail in no time:


Course 1 ‘Sailing principles’Best suited for beginners, this course provides an overview of a sailboat and the preparation required prior leaving the marina. The course content is as follows:

  1. Boat parts and nautical language
  2. The dynamics of sailing
  3. The various types of sails
  4. Sailboat preparation for sailing
  5. Basic clothing and safety equipment 


Course 2: First sailing experienceThis course prepares you for your first sailing experience. The content comprises pre-sail procedures and basic boat handling such as stowing lines, hoisting sails, operating winches, tacking and gybing.

  1. Getting on board and boat handling under power
  2. Operating winches, handling and stowing lines
  3. Hoisting the mainsail and the jib
  4. Tacking and gybing manoeuvres
  5. Returning to the marina


Course 3 ‘Understanding the points of sail’At the end of this course, you will be able to understand the various points of sail and recognize how to best set your sails depending on the wind angle. This online course also covers examples of various points of sail while covering a simple sailing course and further sailing terminology .

  1. Assessing wind conditions
  2. Points of sail description
  3. Points of sail examples and diagrams
  4. Basic priority rules at sea
  5. Sailing a simple course


Course 4 ‘Fundamental trimming techniques’Trimming sails is about setting the best sail angle and sail shape relative to the wind. This course will give you an overview of trimming techniques that can affect the overall boat’s performance. It also explains the process of reducing and changing sails when the weather conditions change.

  1. Basic trimming guidelines
  2. Devices affecting the jib trim
  3. Devices affecting the mainsail trim
  4. Sail shapes – Draft and twist
  5. Changing or reducing sails


Course 5 ‘Spinnaker essentials’This course explains the difference between an asymmetric and symmetrical spinnaker and the procedures to hoist and trim spinnakers. The course also covers spinnaker gybing and retrieval techniques.

  1. Sailing downwind
  2. Asymmetric spinnaker
  3. Symmetric spinnaker
    1. Set up and hoist
    2. Pole position and trimming
    3. Spinnaker gybe and drop


Course 6 ‘Crew roles and club racing’: This course describes the key positions on keelboats, and the tasks each crew is expected to perform while cruising or racing. The course gives an introduction to the rules of sailing and club racing.

  1. Team work and crew positions
  2. Crew roles during manoeuvres
  3. Weight distribution and communication
  4. Race organization
  5. Introduction to club racing


To increase your awareness on all aspects of sailing, we recommend that you take this pack to prepare you to a better sailing experience.

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