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Best suited for beginners, this course provides an overview of your first sailing experience after leaving the marina. 

The course content includes pre-sail procedures, basic boat handling and manoeuvres for example hoisting sails, operating winches, tacking and gybing / jibing.


The sailing course content is as follows:


1. Getting on board & boat handling under power

This section is an introduction to getting ready to leave the marina. Once you have met the team, the skipper will query your sailing experience and provide instructions for setting up the boat.

2. Cleating a rope, rope clutch and stowing halyards

There are several techniques to manage lines on board, keeping them tidy and controlling their tension. This section explains how to coil and stow lines, and how to use clutches and cleats.

3. Operating winches

It is important to understand the loading that occur on sheets and halyards as you tack or adjust the sail. This is why the winch provides the mechanical benefit and help required to tension and release the loading of sheets and halyards.

4. Hoisting mainsail and jib

This section explains the process of hoisting the mainsail and the jib. The mainsail is always hoisted first while the boat is still under engine and pointing head to wind.

5. Going about or tacking and gybing

Tacking and Gybing are the basic manoeuvres of a sailing boat, which allow the boat to change direction. This section explains the process of tacking and gybing / jibing, which involves a clear synchronization between the crew and the helms person.


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“I feel that I should have done this course many years AGO !! Simple and self explanatory, I have learnt exactly what I needed to know. I now feel at ease going on a sailboat …..”  John. F.

John F

Course materials were good with well designed and very good learning tools. This course did a good job of making it a very pleasant experience. I learned a lot.

Peter H