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Best suited for intermediate sailors, this sailing course is designed to help you assess the wind and course directions and the different points of sail. The course covers examples of the different points of sail while covering a simple course and further sailing terminology.


The sailing course content is as follows:


1. Assessing wind conditions: Wind is the core element to sailing and is what powers every sailboat. Before leaving the marina, a sailor must first check the wind. For example, what direction is it coming from? How fast is it going? Are there any coming shifts in wind?


2. Points of sail description: The direction and the strength of the wind are the essential factors that affect how well a boat will sail. Once you have established the wind angle to the boat, you should be able to determine your points of sail.


3. Points of sail examples and diagrams: (Applying the points of sail when sailing) Some points of sail can be more difficult to sail than others, while some are more efficient, others provide for faster speeds. It is the important to understand the characteristics of each point of sail to make the proper trim adjustments and to appropriately position the crew. This will ensure efficient sailing, on any courses the boat is on.


4. Basic priority rules at sea: This section introduces important rules of the road to develop good seamanship and to control safety. (Learn the most important priorities rules at sea).


5. Sailing a simple course: Sailing a simple course enables a newcomer to put the various points of sail in practice. Know the variances in sailing a course upwind and downwind (and be aware of the process of setting up a pole) 


At the end of this course, you will be able to understand the various points of sail and recognize how to best set your sails depending on the wind angle.


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I thoroughly enjoyed this course and did expand my sailing knowledge. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn about setting sails depending on the wind angle.

Belinda F

I took one of the beginners sailing course back in the fall, and while it has given me a good background and basic understanding of boat set up, I feel that this course has provided me with so much more information just in understanding the correlation between wind angle and sails trim.

Martin. F