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Recommended for intermediate sailors, this sailing course outlines the most important trimming techniques.

It covers the number of devices affecting the jib and mainsail trim and provides an overview on how to adjust sail draft and twist for optimal boat performance. This course explains the process of reducing and changing sails when the weather conditions change.

The sailing course content is as follows:


1. Basic trimming guidelines

The wind flowing across the curved surface of a sail generates lift. Frequent sail adjustments to keep the sails at a correct angle and correct shape to the wind are required for optimum boat speed. This section covers fundamental sail trimming techniques using telltales.

2.  Devices affecting the jib trim

This section introduces other trimming devices that affect the performance of the sails, the keelboat balance and the boat speed. It covers the devices affecting and controlling the shape of the jib.

3. Devices affecting the mainsail trim

Understanding the devices influencing the mainsail trimming.
This section covers other devices affecting the mainsail trim.

4. Sail shapes – Draft and twist

Gain knowledge on the adjustments required to affect the sail shape.
This section introduces the sail shapes, together with the theory of sail draft and sail twist.

5. Changing or reducing sails

It is essential to depower the boat by either reducing the sail power or by reducing the sail area. To reduce power, it is suggested to flatten the sails, reduce the angle of attack and reduce the power by adding twist to the sails. This section introduces the sail selection and sail reduction to adapt to changing weather conditions.

At the end of this course, you will understand basic trimming guidelines, including how to best set your sail trim using telltales and how to adjust other trimming devices.
Trimming sails is about setting the best sail angle and sail shape relative to the wind. It will give you an overview of trimming techniques that can affect the overall boat’s performance.



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Trimming sails is so challenging ! This course was so helpful in understanding the different trimming devices and how they affect your overall sail shape.

Bill S

This course was well presented, easy to follow and engaging. The interactive examples make the course material easier to understand. Thanks and I suppose it’s now time to practice on water.

Cathy J