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MySail is an app that helps experienced or aspiring sailors find yachts looking for extra crew. Our goal is to connect crew with yachts, so everyone can get out on the water and have a great time.

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PrepSail is an online sailing school, which provides modern eLearning theory courses for keelboat.

PrepSail was founded in Australia in 2014 with a stated mission to teach people to sail confidently. To achieve that goal, PrepSail has developed a range of eLearning courses in conjunction with International sailing instructors. PrepSail acknowledge the amazing contribution of the team involved in the making of the ‘New to sailing‘ series. Online Sport Learning has produced a series of individual sailing courses that progressively introduce a beginner or a semi experienced sailor to new sailing competencies for a given level. Developed in an modern and adaptive format, the content can be viewed from many devices, including PC, tablets and mobiles.


PrepSail’s online sailing school is positioned at the ‘entry level’ of training for sailing.

After studying programs offered in other countries, PrepSail has selected a dedicated range of courses that was not available on the market. We have continually improved and expanded our educational delivery method with one of the most advanced e.learning program and our ‘Learning Management System’. Today, PrepSail is implemented in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, and will expand further with the delivery of a french e.learning program in France.




PrepSail delivers an amazing e.Learning program from its dedicated platform.

Our online sailing courses summarise most of the knowledge required to feel like a confident sailor.

Our customers feedback is always favorable after they’ve enrolled in one of our packs or to our individual course.

Users can select a pack that corresponds to their level of learning, which make it so easy !

PrepSail has defined the various levels of learning for each course.

Check out some of our users feedback and their testimonials from our ‘new to sailing’ page.

Invest in a superior e.Learning structure ! What are you waiting for ?


We take great pride in helping you gain the knowledge required for an optimal sailing experience.

* The main objective of PrepSail is to educate and fulfill your learning requirements as a new or semi-experienced sailor.

* PrepSail will help build your confidence and make the most of your learning once on the water.

* All PrepSail online courses are sailing theory courses, which are developed in conjunction with International sailing instructors.

* PrepSail offers innovative and in depth online courses, with appealing and engaging content in a visual and interactive form.

* Learn from an exciting range of sailing courses.

* Discover online basic sailing skills before going out on the water.

* PrepSail is the most advanced online sailing school


PrepSail has partnered with MySail to help sailors connect with Australian local racing yachts to find new sailing opportunities.

MySail is an app that helps experienced or aspiring sailors showcase their skills and find yachts looking extra race crew. Our goal is to connect crew with yachts that are best matched to their skills, experience and goals, so everyone can get out on the water and have a great time.

For skippers, MySail also provides a crew scheduling and communications platform, helping them easily organise their sailing team.

View Crew and Yachts in your area, or find out more and register for free on the MySail Website.

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Also, PrepSail is delighted to give you the opportunity to find a yacht club near you, in which ever country you are. There is a large number of yacht clubs around the world. To find a yacht club, you can consult one of the website links bellow:

World Yacht clubs

List of yacht clubs 


PrepSail is also very proud to provide an additional connection with ‘Maritime Sailing Academy’ to develop many maritime training skills: Boat BuildingBoatyard and Marina OperationsRestoration of Historic Ships & BoatsShipbuilding and Ship RepairSails and Rigs, and more!


PrepSail promotes feedback from its customers to improve our service.  

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