Follow your dream, go sailing on your next holiday !


There are many opportunities to follow your dream and passion. Sailing is often seeing as an unreachable sport, a difficult dream to follow through but if you just know where to start, you can progress your knowledge and achieve your goal. Some specific contacts could make a huge difference.


  • First you should stay informed and enrolled to a free sailing magazine, this will get you across various cruising information, tips and cruising videos on what to expect.
  • Then, you can also check what your local yacht club has to offer in terms of practice on the water, further training or simply some help to be part of a crew.
  • Finally, when you progress and gain some sailing skills, you can consider to charter a boat in many places around the world !
  • As you charter a boat, make sure you check the weather forecast on a regular basis, so you can be prepared for whatever the weather might bring. We recommend an amazing free application called windytv with their ‘easy to use’ animated weather map.
  • When you charter a boat, you can check this online directory and point of contact among sailing club members worldwide
  • For more in depth knowledge,  you can also visit the maritime training academy offer for a specific diploma, certificate or a short course. These are managed and run by established professionals within the marine industry, which are constantly pushing back the boundaries of knowledge.

Great sailing news !

CruiserTV is a web series sailing lifestyles travel TV show, blog, and magazine.

Find a yacht club

Online directory and point of contact among Sailing Club members worldwide.

Weather forecast

Be sure to get the best weather forecast around the world with the free windytv application.


Marine industry diplomas

Diploma, certificate and short courses made by professionals within the marine industry.

Leave the dream, the world is your playground !

Charter a boat in any place around the world !

The principles of chartering a boat is to rent a sailboat in an ideal location and to travel through coast lines and islands for a holiday.

The new year is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about those once-in-a-lifetime sailing trips that need to be planned well in advance. From luxury catamaran to private sailing boat, you will need to start your journey by finding out the adventure that you dream about !

Pick a location around the world and start your epic adventure now. We have selected top providers to help you create the best holiday, the top charter places and some helpful sites to identify yacht clubs, potential crew or skipper and some world news on cruising.


Live your dream and discover new places. Charter a boat in another country, could be a great adventure !


Australia offer great places to charter a boat around the ‘Whitsunday islands’, the famous ‘Great barrier reef’ and the Australian coast lines.

There is so many other amazing places where you can charter a boat:

The Seychelles, Indian Ocean, North America, Southeast Asia, South Pacific or why not in New Caledonia.


Europe and Mediterranean sailing destination:

* Charter a boat in Croatia !  With more than 1000 islands and islets, beautiful long stretch of coast and immense number of hidden bays and beaches, Croatia is one of the finest nautical destinations for sailing or yachting holidays in Mediterranean.

* Chartering opportunities in Greece ! One of my favorite destination, going through all the small islands and villages that add so much character to the experience.

Charter a boat in Greece

Berthing in the Greek islands:   


If your charter a boat in the Greek islands for example, sailboats use the anchor to park a boat at port.

After checking the availability in the port, you need to align the boat  to the berth and go towards the quay with the aft.  You release and drop your anchor from the middle of the port, at least 3 boats length from the quay and back up in a straight line to the port, releasing the chain in parallel to others boats.

Charter a boat in the Bahamas or Caribbean sea ! Check out any of our recommended websites on all these great destinations.
There is also this video not to be missed on the Caribbean sea:

Anchoring when you charter a boat:

Anchors are designed to hold a boat in place and are often used at night, once you have found the perfect protected area. A good anchoring is important for the crew to settle in a relaxing environment and to get a good night sleep without the boat moving around. Make sure you are protected from the sea and wind, as the waves actions are more likely to disturb the anchor. The perfect anchorage requires a few precautions: check your chart or any environmental zoning, ascertain your depth allowance, check the forecast for changing weather conditions (weather, tidal range and sea currents) and check your swing room.

Setting your anchor well is the most important priority.

Medium to large size sailboats require an anchor with a heavy chain that often requires to be deployed with an electric winch. For an anchor to hold effectively, you need to come to a stop, head to wind and then let the anchor and chain out in a controlled manner as you slowly drift or motor backward, digging the anchor in and laying the chain in a line along the bottom. When it is done, you need to find your bearings on shore and watch your boat ‘s position for the next hour, to make sure that the anchor is holding. The basic rule of thumb is to use three times the depth of the water in the link of anchor chain. To increase the holding power and for additional safety, it is now recommended to achieve a ratio of anchor chain 5 times the depth of the water.

Don’t let your anchor drag, if unsure re-do the procedure.

An anchor alarm app for a Smartphone or tablet is simple in concept and highly recommended for the piece of mind and additional security at night. When anchoring, you set the anchor position in the app, which then uses your device’s GPS to monitor the boat’s position and sets off an alarm if the boat moves too far, indicating that the anchor may be dragging.

PrepSail recommends a number of potential companies that charter boats all around the world.

You can select your favorite location from either a Mediterranean location, Asia pacific, or American:

  • Sailing in the Mediterranean is a dream location and more specifically Greece, so now is the time to charter a boat around the Greek islands with ‘Sail la vie‘.
  • Remember to quickly improve your sailing skills with PrepSail ‘Beginner Pack‘, with a selection of 4 short courses online and sail with the peace of mind !

Sailing Holidays

Charter a boat and navigate through the amazing Greek islands

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Sailboat rentals in Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, South Pacific, South East Asia, UK

Charter opportunities

Meet with other local sailing enthusiasts and share holidays on a charter.

Airbnb boat stay !

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