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PrepSail dedicated videos

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PrepSail courses also include short videos, which complement your learning.
Each section will showcase at least one video to further deepen your comprehension.

You can view and access all content from either your computer, tablet or mobile. 

PrepSail sailing courses preview:

Introduction video:

This is an example of a video introduction to one of the segments of course 1.

Words sometimes can be a bit daunting, which is why videos can be very helpful to demonstrate a concept or a process to follow.

Each course includes a number of short videos to highlight the explanation of a concept or a methodology.

Course 1 screens preview: Sailing principles

This course will inform you about the relationship between wind, boat and the sea, the various parts of a boat, the nautical language, and how to prepare a sailboat to go sailing. Check out some of our screen selection below to have a feel for the quality of the courses.




Course 2 screens preview: First sailing experience

This course will educate you about boat handling under power, the mooring lines and fenders, hoisting the mainsail and headsail and using winches while tacking or gybing.




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