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To increase your knowledge on all aspects of sailing, consider one of these packs to prepare you for a better sailing experience. Invest in a structured learning course of superior quality. Discover new knowledge online with a set of courses that matches your learning level and become confident on the water ! 

Level 1

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Perfectly suited for beginners, this pack offers a range of 4 progressive courses allowing you to understand the fundamentals of sailing, from the preparation of a boat to how to trim sails.

Beginners pack

Series of 4 sailing courses:

  • Sailing principles
  • First sailing experience
  • Understanding the points of sail
  • Fundamental trimming techniques


Level 2

NOW $129 SAVE $27

Perfectly suited for a sailor with a little experience, this package offers a series of 4 courses which allows you to deepen the knowledge necessary to obtain a good level of sailing.

Intermediate pack

Series of 4 sailing courses:

  • First sailing experience
  • Understanding the points of sail
  • Fundamental trimming techniques
  • Spinnaker essentials


Level 3

NOW $129 SAVE $27

Perfectly adapted to an experienced crew, this set of 4 ‘learn to sail’ courses provides an in depth learning and a constant progression to become an excellent sailor.

Advanced pack

Series of 4 sailing courses:

  • Understanding the points of sail
  • Fundamental trimming techniques
  • Spinnaker essentials
  • Crew roles and club racing


  All levels
     NOW $195 – SAVE $39 !

To increase your knowledge on all aspects of sailing, we recommend that you take this complete set of 6 ‘learn to sail’ lessons to prepare you for a better sailing experience.

Full series pack

Full series of 6 sailing courses:

  • Sailing principles
  • First sailing experience
  • Understanding the points of sail
  • Fundamental trimming techniques
  • Spinnaker essentials
  • Crew roles and club racing

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Course objectives for each online lesson:

Start sailing

For beginners, PrepSail recommends courses 1 and 2:

Course 1. ‘Sailing principles’

Course 2. ‘First sailing experience’

Become familiar with some important sailing terms, which can provide a ground base for your learning and a helpful overview of sailing basics. Learn to prepare a boat before going sailing and then learn to sail with course 2 ‘First sailing experience’.

Just did one of the courses. Learnt 20 things I needed to know ! It’s fun, beautifully presented, it gives you the power to go and practice.

Andrew B

I am so pleased I took the first step to learn online. I don’t feel ignorant anymore and I know there is much more to learn.

Tony P

The course objectives includes:

  • Understanding the structural aspect of boats
  • Learning what makes a boat go forward
  • Familiarising yourself with nautical terms
  • Be able to prepare a boat to go for a sail
  • Learn about the mainsail and headsails
  • Understanding sailing safety equipment

The course objectives includes:

  • Familiarising yourself with boat procedure prior to leaving the marina
  • Knowing how to handle lines: stowage, pulling, releasing and attaching lines
  • Operating winches and learning the process of tacking and gybing
  • Learning to hoist a mainsail and headsail / Jib
  • Understanding the process of bringing the sails down and getting ready to moor the boat back to the marina

Room for improvement

For intermediate sailors, PrepSail recommends courses 3 and 4:

Course 3. ‘Understanding the points of sail’

Course 4. ‘Fundamental trimming techniques’

Understand the various points of sail and learn how to best set your sails depending on the wind angle. Become skilled at trimming and learn how to set various trimming devices to affect the overall boat’s performance.

Without a doubt, this was the most life changing learning and it allows me to follow my passion for sailing. I was so fortunate to be accepted on a sailboat and practice my learning …

Leanne M

The courses taught me so much, and this model allowed me to manage my learning without taking large amounts of time away from my work and personal commitments. Most importantly it helped me gain the support and trust of skippers who wanted crew to be partially knowledgeable.

Dave P

The course objectives includes:

  • Be able to assess wind direction
  • Learning important sailing terms
  • Understand the various points of sail
  • Apply the points of sail when sailing
  • Learn the ‘right of way’ sailing rules
  • Knowing sailing courses upwind/downwind
  • Learning the process of setting up a pole

 The course objectives includes:

  • Be able to trim a jib using telltales
  • Learn the devices influencing jib trim
  • Learn the devices influencing mainsail trim
  • Gain skills on adjusting the sail shape
  • Familiarize yourself with changing sails
  • Learn how to reef a mainsail

Know it all

For experienced sailors, PrepSail recommends courses 5 and 6:

Course 5. ‘Spinnaker essentials’

Course 6. ‘Crew roles and club racing’

Improve your skills and become familiar with spinnaker techniques and manoeuvres. Learn to work as a crew and understand the correct sequencing of each manoeuvre to form an effective team.

I am so pleased I continued my learning with those two courses. My knowledge has grown so much that I feel needed on board and most importantly accepted as part of the regular crew.

Tom S

The courses are amazing, fast to learn and taught me so much. I feel more knowledgeable than ever and enjoy sailing the regular club twilights.

Kim C

The course objectives includes:

  • Reviewing the range of spinnakers
  • Learning to set up a spinnaker and lines
  • Hoisting and trimming a spinnaker
  • Understanding how to improve sail shape
  • Learning the gybing procedures
  • Learning the technique to lower a spinnaker
  • Knowing how to pack a spinnaker in its bag

The course objectives includes:

  • Learning crew positions and improving team work
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities  during manoeuvres
  • Distributing crew weight for boat performance
  • Recognizing basic hand signals
  • Understanding racing starting sequence and flags signal
  • Learning fundamental racing approaches

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All the info you need, in a structured format

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