The world’s first structured and interactive online sailing course for beginners, PrepSail, has just been launched in Australia, New-Zealand, America, Canada and the UK.

Designed in conjunction with internationally qualified sailing instructors, PrepSail uses videos, images, diagrams, summaries and interactive tests to make learning easy and fun. PrepSail also proves with their ‘learn to sail’ program that e-learning can be an effective companion to those wanting to learn any sport.

“There is no substitute for practice on the water,” says founder of Online Sport Learning and PrepSail producer, Pascale Whyte. “But there is also no better way to progress than to combine practice with a thorough understanding of the principles of a sport. PrepSail allows people to make the most of their time on the water. PrepSail gives people the power to practice.”

After experiencing the difficult learning process common at sailing clubs around the world, Australian / French sailor and interactive media expert Pascale Whyte designed PrepSail ‘learn to sail’ to help people learn in a more coordinated and more efficient way.


Learn to sail with PrepSail


“Many beginners are intimidated when they get on boats for the first time, and are confused by standard lessons. They receive too much unstructured information, without a focus on the proper sailing terms, crucial principles and elements of sailing,” she says.

PrepSail ‘learn to sail’ prepares people for their first time on a yacht, for crewing at a local yacht club, for advancing their technique, or just to better enjoy a holiday on a charter yacht.


The first series of six courses for those new to sailing covers sailing principles, the elements of keelboats, points of sail, trimming techniques, spinnakers, crew roles and club racing. Courses can be done on any iPhone, iPad or computer with internet, anywhere, anytime. Each course has four or five topics and takes about an hour to complete.

Ms Whyte’s goal with  PrepSail was not just to create the first interactive online course for sailing, but to develop an effective model for e-learning in sport. “PrepSail combined with practice on boats is a much better way for learners to progress than the standard learning route,” says Ms Whyte.

After positive reception and strong uptake in Australia, PrepSail ‘learn to sail’ is launching in America, Canada and the UK this year and will launch the course in French next year.


Learn to sail with PrepSail


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